About Us

BREND MEDIA LLC is a company specialized in production of lightning commercial sings and large format printing.

The company was founded in 2013, in a small garage shop. We began printing and installing all sorts of commercial signs and materials. Since then, we became one of the leaders in modern visual communication trends.

Basic concept of the company is maximum dedication and flexibility in satisfying the most demanding client needs.

Innovative development of products in commercial industry became the most important goal for development of Brend Media LLC. In the last couple of years, we acquired the latest technology, and continued improving education and capability of our staff by attending many fairs. That also allowed us to gain access to big printing/commercial market

Our business policy is based on collaboration, merging and mutual presentation on the market. That is how we were able to provide our clients with fast, quality and cheap services in commercial industry.

We pride ourselves with the fact that many of our customers are colleagues from the printing/commercial industry field, as well as marketing agencies, printing companies, designers, and commercial products providers…

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