Production of Lightening Signs

BREND MEDIA LLC is a company that is producing lightening signs that are customized to the interior and exterior. We are making signs in all dimensions and using various materials.

Lightening signs are made with LED diodes that guarantee low maintenance, longevity and cost efficiency. The most attractive lightening signs used in branding are 3D lightening signs made of plexiglass.

Lightbox commercial panels with translucent foils are the most common choice for clients who want to brand the whole commercial space. LED consoles are made to put an accent to spaces like ATMs, work time etc.

Our clients can also choose self-standing lightning signs, as well as totems. Totems are an exclusive way of branding your company.

Types of Lightening Signs

3D Lightening Letters

Are the most popular solution for making a lightning commercial sign. Logos and inscriptions are the best way of presenting your brand.

Lightning letters and logos are made of quality plexiglass designed in accordance with visual identity of your brand.

Cut-Through Alu-Bond Commercial Sign

Cut-through alu-bond commercial sign has become a very popular way of presenting a certain brand.

Modern facades made of alu-bond are perfect for installment of such lightning commercial signs.

3D Lightening Signs on Alu-Bond

Alu-bond cases are used to be a construction on which letters are installed on, and give an additional luxury look to the sign. In most cases, we use a black alu-bond case that give a perfect contrast to the sign during the day, when the light is not turned on.

Combining 3D Lightening Letters and Cut-Through Alu-Bond

This is the best way of presenting a brand, when you need a combination of 3D commercial sign and small dimension letters. Installment of such signs is also very easy. When the light is not turned on, looks of the sign puts an accent to the wholeness of a building.

Panel Commercials

In case you need a side commercial in order to increase visibility, this type of commercial sign is a perfect solution. We deliver a sign with necessary brackets that will be installed on a side façade or a pole. We produce this kind of signs in every of the above mention variations.

Aluminium Profile Commercial Signs

This type of signs are lit completely, so called light box. They are made od of alluminium that can be independently installed, and is also a construction on which lightning visual is installed on.

Innovative Commercial Signs

Our company is dedicated to fulfill the most specific customer demands. We look forward to design an innovative solution for an original way of concurring market. We find these types of solution the most valuable for our line of work.


Commercial totems are the most powerful way to present your brand. They can be made in any size and dimensions, and can be combined with all types of elements. They are the foundation of corporative prestige, and are most commonly installed as a way to direct a customer towards the company.